A to Z - Design to Finished Jewelry

Follow as I go from a Drawing to a Finished Piece of Re-Producible Jewelry | taught by Doug Napier
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Course description

The A to Z Design to Finished Jewelry Course is a video series that takes you through creation a piece of jewelry, from concept and drawing, all the way to the completed piece of reproducible jewelry. The videos cover, in real time, all the processes from transferring your design onto a wax blank, preparing and carving the wax. Casting that wax into silver, and cleaning up the silver into a model that will be molded. Injecting wax into the mold and casting those waxes into silver. Preparing those castings with tumbling media and polishing the castings. Finally, the piece will be set with a pear shaped stone in a prong/bezel setting, and the piece of jewelry will be final polished and cleaned, ready to ship.

Doug Napier
Doug Napier
Instructing Monk

A little about me, my name is Doug Napier and I am the “JewelryMonk. I have been making jewelry for over 33 years, and I still travel all over the world focusing on making jewelry in a manufacturing setting. I am experienced in all facets of jewelry making from bench jeweler and technical model making to production troubleshooting and Computer Design (CAD). Along my journey, I have learned many tips and tricks, and am more than happy to pass along anything I have learned. (I can’t take it with me). I believe I have been given a great gift when it comes to making jewelry, and I would like to be a good steward and pass it along to anyone who is hungry and wants to learn.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Welcome
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Lesson 6 Mold Making and Cutting
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Lesson 7 Wax Injection - Investing - Casting
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Lesson 8 Tumbling - Grinding - Polishing
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Lesson 10 Final Polishing and Cleaning
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